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How long have you worked for WD?
2 ½ years, best years of my life!!

What’s role within the company?
My role within the company is Sales Negotiator, which means I book and accompany viewings, give feedback on viewings tie up deals and keep in regular contact with buyers and vendors.

Before joining WD what previous job did you have?
When I first left school, I worked in London in Mayfair doing an electrical apprentice, which I did for about 7 months and I quickly discovered I’m better working with my mouth than with my hands!
I then worked in Southchurch as a Lettings Consultant for 10 months, which was great for experience and helped me secure my job at WD. I get asked quite often do I prefer Sales or Lettings, but for me its Sales all day long.

What do you love about working in the property/sales business?
It sounds very cliché but helping people, starting the journey with them.
Buying a new home is the biggest transaction you are ever likely to make and to be a part of making sure that goes through as smoothly as possible is what I love.
I love talking to clients, building a rapport working with my team in Hockley, there’s never a dull moment.

What’s your top tip for someone joining the estate agency business?
Be confident in yourself, learn the industry well. Be honest with people, people see through lies. Know the area you are working in like the back of your hand. Study house prices in the local area. Have a notepad constantly by your side, you’ll be forever learning! Be happy and enjoy it!!

What do you enjoy most about working in the Hockley office?
The people, if you enjoy the people you work with you can’t go wrong. We’ve got a nice work ethos and a nice balance of work and play. 


Where did you grow up Jack?
In sunny Southend and I still live there.

If you could live anywhere in the UK where would you live?
Right in the heart of Leigh-on-sea, where it’s all going on!

What’s your favourite sport?
I’ve got 2 but it’s going to have to be football first, closely followed by boxing.

What’s your hobbies outside of work?
Me and my friends started a football team on a Monday night, that’s good fun, win or lose!! I haven’t done boxing for a good couple of years, but that was a big of my life and I’m still waiting to play Mark Toomey at Badminton!! I also play golf.
I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going out for meals and I’m always at the gym. 

Favourite holiday destination?
I love Ibiza and I’d love to go to the Caribbean - Barbados would do nicely right now!

Secret talents?
I can down a pint in less than 4 seconds.

Tell us something controversial?
I’ve never watched a Star Wars film…

Feel free to contact Jack if you're about to start searching for your new home.