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Get to know your team at Williams and Donovan to see how they can help you with your property needs. 
Our Marketing Manager is having a cup of tea to get to know one of our new sales negotiators at the Benfleet branch, Leigh Webb-Waters.

We’re chatting about all things work, home life and property tips.

Leigh joined Williams & Donovan in July 2021, is from Canvey Island and brings plenty of fantastic customer service experience from local garden centres to recruitment in London.
She describes herself as meticulously organised, loves spending time with her family (adores her Nan!) and is a big fan of going to the gym every day. Leigh is a brilliant people person, down to earth, and easy to get on with – the perfect skills required for a career in the property industry.

What do you love about working with the team at the Benfleet office?
They’re such a lovely team! I have always said from the very start the best thing I love about working with them is how close they are to one another. A major issue with my last company was that I really felt like a number - nothing special! But these guys have each other’s backs and are all super friendly, helpful and supportive.

What property advice would you give to a first-time buyer?

  1. Save as much as you can! (For a deposit and also for any additional costs, surveys, etc)
  2. Use a Mortgage Advisor who doesn’t charge additional fees (this is where I would recommend Dean at Affinity - the guys we use at Williams and Donovan). 

Note:– first-time buyers should always register with an estate agency so that you’re always one of the first to receive an email if your perfect property comes on the market.

What’s the quickest sale you’ve ever done with Williams and Donovan?
I am currently going through my very first sale - how exciting! All seems to be going well so far. Fingers crossed.

The picture above is Leigh at Williams and Donovan Estate Agency Benfleet

To keep refreshed in the office who makes the most cups of tea?
Mark definitely DRINKS the most tea! But Kay definitely makes the most! I think I am pretty good at making sure everyone’s covered drink wise, hehe.

Love a nice cup of tea! Tell us about your best viewing and why
When a buyer goes back to the property, I love the excitement of others....not taking the measurements etc but planning what furniture is going where.
If they’re buying a new one, how the kids are going to decorate their rooms. I have been to a couple of viewings where people have been in AWE. One family in particular, that had rented all their life, finally had their finances worked out to buy a family home! They had 5 children and I really felt their excitement. 

When you’re not working, what’s your favourite meal out?
Miller and Carter!! Hands down. Can’t beat it.

We all love listening to music in the office, what’s your favourite genre of music or artist? 
Where do I start? I am into so many genres. I have older parents so I know music from the 70s and 80s. I definitely would say I know my music, but it can vary from hip hop, R&B and rap.

Do you have a favourite crystal and what's star sign are you?
I’m a Scorpio! Crystals, this is a tricky one! Quartz is a favourite, for healing so rose quartz is a favourite in particular because I feel like I am a very loving person! I am definitely into the crystals attracting money and success though, it definitely motivates me and I try to talk about it so it happens. Laws of Attraction!

What’s your favourite country? Funniest story or worse thing that’s happened on holiday.
I would say the United States. I’ve been very fortunate to go there once for a holiday and it was amazing! I love everything about the States, the way everything is soo big out there, including the celebrations, food, family EVERYTHING.

The worst thing that’s probably happened is when my best friend Chloe and I went to Zante and she had symptoms of COVID!! ….MID TRIP!! I went into a right panic. I started looking at early flights, self-diagnoses online, everything!! It was awful and I was dreading going to the airport!!

What’s your most memorable work moment so far?
Working over the Christmas period at the garden centre! Decorating beautiful trees, listening to Christmas music, everyone cheerful .. it was so lovely and festive.
Everything decked out with Christmas décor.
Wham -  Last Christmas playing 24/7. I am such a festive person; the atmosphere and excitement of Christmas is me down to a T!

100% with you about Christmas, it's also my favourite time of the year! 

Thank you soo much for your time today; it’s been brilliant to get to know you more and wishing you the very best in your role at Williams and Donovan.

Leigh would love to help you make your next move. You can contact Leigh Webb-Walters on 01268 755252