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Get to know your Sales team at Williams and Donovan to see how they can help you with your property needs.

Our Marketing Manager is having a chat with Tom Revell today, our Manager at the Hockley Sales office. We're talking all things property and golf so that you can get to know Tom.

Having been working with Williams and Donovan for 8 years and with a wealth of property knowledge and expertise, Tom plays an important part within the Management team and our future growth.

Tom, when did you join Williams and Donovan and what work did you do before or have you always been in property?
I joined in December 2013. I previously worked with Lloyd Brooks and Paul Cross for another independent agent in Benfleet. (Lloyd is our Benfleet Sales Director and Paul is our Lettings Director). We all moved over to Williams & Donovan and I started at the Hockley Sales office.

Have you always lived in Essex and did you study locally or further afield?
I grew up on Canvey Island and moved to Langdon Hills when I started secondary school. I studied at SEEVIC college which is where I met my wife. We bought our first house back on Canvey Island in 2016.

What do you like about working in the property industry?
I suppose the variation in the day-to-day role. Every sale and client is different.

How's life working in the Hockley office?
Typically, busy! Of course, it does get a little quieter in December but it can be quite nice to wind down a little before Christmas! 

What is the highest-priced property you've ever valued?
Personally, this was a property on the border of Rayleigh which was for £1,750,000, however, as a company, Williams and Donovan have sold properties above this price.

What does your role as Sales Manager of the Hockley office involve?
My main role is to carry out sales valuations for the Hockley office. I also handle the Commercial Property side of things for the whole company so this can include Sales and Lettings. And of course, I manage day-to-day activities inside the office.

What makes you good at what you do? (asking in the non-ego sense of course!)
If I was to pick one thing, it’s the attention to detail on presenting properties when going for sale. For example, making sure each property has correctly scaled floorplans, edited photos and detailed descriptions all generally done within 24 hours to enable us to start scheduling client viewings as quickly as possible.

Tell us about commercial property – you set up the commercial arm of Wiliams and Donovan. Talk to us about what it is and how long it's been established.
The commercial department launched in January 2021 so it's still growing. We have had a good first year and of course, hope to grow on what we have done this year. We essentially can handle most aspects of commercial sales and lettings from small retail shops to healthcare facilities, to petrol stations.

Let's move on from property chat for a moment  - what do like doing in your spare time?
Golf! … oh, and of course time with my wife and son…

Tell us about your son
Arthur has just turned three years old and is due to start Nursery in January. He loves all things dinosaurs!

Being a good golfer, I know you’ve been helping other members of the team with their golfing technique - nice one! I've been learning and practising golf this year too - any golf tips you can share...

The best golf tip for beginners 
Don’t lift your head up too early!

Do you have a good golf handicap?
Don’t know about ‘good’! But it depends on the golf course. I would say averaging an 18 handicap but my best was the Canvey Island golf course, which finished 5 over par. Not sure what happened that day but haven’t come close to it since!

Tom, you’re a real property expert with your sales, commercial and new build experience. A little birdie mentioned that many big development firms contact you for advice about new homes and land. What do you enjoy about that part of the business...for example, is it something you’ve learned over time or do you have a natural passion for this area?

I think it's how we can sometimes see an apparently small bungalow but find a way to develop the site to fit two or three properties on the site, which of course can sometimes double or treble the ordinary market value for the client. One recent example was a little bungalow in Hockley. Two agents valued the property between £325,000 - £350,000. However, by spotting the development potential, I managed to agree on a sale for £575,000. Of course, our client is absolutely delighted!

What property advice would you give to a second or third-time seller and also someone looking to buy a buy-to-let investment property?
For most people when selling a property, this is their largest asset. It is so important to put the transaction in the hands of an agent that you can truly trust. Ultimately, vendors employ an agent to achieve the best possible price for their home, but we hear/know of so many agents that push clients into accepting lower offers. This can be thousands of pounds. So, I would really research the agents you are asking to value your property. Look at their reviews, look at their market share, have they got an experienced team (who know how to get the best value), look at how they present their properties online i.e. the quality of photos, floorplans, descriptions. And of course, never base your decision on which agent simple offers the cheapest fee. Whilst W&D are very competitive with our fees, an agent who can only offer to be the cheapest is very rarely going to be the best.

Star sign? 
No idea, never paid attention to them lol. (Tom's a Cancer) 

Favourite food?
Got to be, Toad in the hole! Anything Yorkshire pudding!

Finally, favourite ever golf course? 
Toot Hill

I think everyone will revel (!) in that it's been super interesting getting to know you - thanks, Tom. 

You can contact Tom Revell to chat about your next move or to value your property on 01702 200666.

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