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According to experts this year, interior design trends will centre around reclaiming spaces previously adapted to home working to allow for dual use, a renewed interest in bringing the natural world indoors, and a drive to purchase and decorate more consciously.

Low-waste living and upcycling is at the heart of creating a mindful home.

This year, we will see an increased usage of natural materials - from decorative elements to furniture itself. We'll also see calm, nature-inspired colours and textures become more prevalent, especially in communal spaces like the living room.

For the less experienced DIY-ers, taking an old piece of furniture and customising it is a great way to reduce waste and also means no one else has the same piece as you.

With the likes of Stacey Soloman, flying the flag high when it comes to upcycling and DIY you can’t help but be impressed and inspired with what can be achieved!

Investing time in your home, will also make it more attractive to buyers when it comes to selling. Click here to find out more.