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Selling your home with Williams and Donovan puts you in the best possible hands.

We are an award-winning local independent agent with a first-class reputation, a strong online presence, in prominent High Street locations, and a proven track record in selling properties similar to your own.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the recommendations and testimonials we have received from people who have used our services. These can be viewed HERE.

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Choosing the right estate agent

Choosing the right estate agent is crucially important in ensuring minimum stress, smooth progress and a successful conclusion.

You need to be confident that an agent will give you the very best advice on pricing and presenting your home for sale; you need to be sure they will market your home effectively to the widest possible group of potential buyers; and you need the peace of mind of knowing that your best interests will be protected.

With all that in mind, we believe your best choice is a well-established local independent agent with a strong online presence, a prominent High Street location, and a good track record in selling properties similar to your own.

In other words – one exactly like Williams and Donovan!

Online vs Traditional

With the advent of so-called hybrid and online-only estate agents, there is a common misconception that the days of the traditional high street agent are numbered.

But here at Williams and Donovan, we’re confident that the future for good, traditional High Street estate agents is as rosy as ever – particularly at those times when market conditions are a little more challenging.

The main reason why some people are turning to online agents to try and sell their homes is because their fees are lower. But remember, unlike traditional agents like us, who charge on a no sale, no fee basis, online firms generally charge their fees upfront, irrespective of whether they sell your home or not.

And don’t forget that around a third of all property sales fall through in any case. So, while an upfront fee measured in hundreds of pounds might seem like a bargain, there’s a one-in-three chance that it will be hundreds of pounds straight down the drain.

The digital age has made us all online agents to a certain extent, traditional agents have the added convenience of a high-street office and real people working on your behalf to:

  • separate the serious prospective buyers from the timewasters;
  • arrange and conduct viewings;
  • negotiate the best possible price;
  • suggest changes to the marketing strategy if the first flurry of interest doesn’t produce a buyer;
  • chase the chains;
  • provide expert advice and support every step of the way.

The list of things good traditional agents like Williams and Donovan routinely do for their clients goes on and on and it’s all part of the service.


Having made a shortlist of, say, three agents, ask them each to do a market appraisal of your home, and ask them to provide evidence to back up their valuations.

You can also use their visits to glean more information about their knowledge of the local market, their advertising and marketing strategies, their fee structure and have a look at their client reviews. See our reviews here.

When you make your final choice of agent, don’t automatically go for the one who values your home the highest. They may simply be trying to buy your instruction, with every intention of beating you down to a more realistic level once it’s in the bag.

Likewise, don’t just opt for the one charging the lowest fee. Cut-price agents – even those with a conventional High Street office – generally give a cut-price service.

Instead, weigh up the quality of service on offer, and the marketing power at the agent’s disposal. Remember too that estate agency is a people business in which trust and confidence are extremely important, so you need to have a good rapport with the agent you choose.

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