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Selling your home in November might seem unconventional, but it can be a strategic move with unique advantages.

Even though the festive season is approaching, serious purchasers are still in the market. You can attract interested buyers who want to close the deal before the end of the year by listing your property before December.

The 2 main points to consider are;-

1. Less Competition, More Visibility - November typically sees fewer homes on the market. With less competition, your property has a chance to stand out and attract serious buyers who are actively searching during this time.

2. Serious Buyers on the Hunt - Buyers looking in November often have a sense of urgency, perhaps due to job relocations or personal circumstances. This can work in your favor, leading to quicker and more decisive transactions.

With that, here are our top tips to help you sell your home this winter:

Style for the season
Work with the colder weather and shorter daylight hours by styling your home so that it reflects the season and creates a cosy atmosphere.

Maximise light
Low natural light in winter can sometimes make interiors feel dull, so make sure you let as much daylight in as possible when you have viewings. Pull back the curtains, make sure blinds are fully rolled up and clear window sills of any large objects that might block light from getting into a room.

Stay on top of maintenance
Ensure you keep paths free of leaves and other debris and make sure drains are clear so rainwater doesn’t pool or flood

Get set for perfect winter viewings
When it’s chilly outside, you want to welcome potential buyers into your home with warmth on all fronts. So turn the heating up a few degrees ahead of the viewing, light fires and candles for a cosy atmosphere.

Our Benfleet and Hockley branches have a high level of motivated buyers looking for their new home and this interest historically (previous experience of 20 years!) continues throughout the winter months.

If you’re keen to sell and are ready to start marketing your home this November, get in touch with us at Williams and Donovan and we can discuss the best strategy for finding you a buyer this winter