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In 2017 I was made redundant and on my way home, I stopped at Williams & Donovan Estate Agents in Hockley village to see if there were any vacancies.  It appeared to be perfect timing as the team was thinking of employing an additional Sales Consultant on a part time basis.  I started in November 2017 and work two days a week.  I love going to an office and having a change of scene for a couple of days, as well as going out to meet potential purchasers on viewings. 

"My interest in nails started when I began having mine done.  I have trained extensively with CND and achieved a Master Painter status in March 2014".

"Both jobs require a smart appearance and the ability to chat to anyone.  As I live in such a close community, I know many of the people buying and selling houses at Williams & Donovan and some of them have also been my nail clients!"

Source:  Scratch Magazine