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1. Tidy up your flower beds and borders 
Your flower beds will probably have collected a fair few leaves and foliage from falling trees and bushes, removing these will make a big difference. Neaten up your borders by trimming the edges, this will promote new growth and turn your soil to cultivate it and help plants to thrive.

2. Get rid of weeds and pests 
It’s one of those jobs, which we all tend to put off isn’t it!

Removing weeds will stop them from taking nutrients from the soil that your plaants require. Don’t forget to remove the ones that grow between the patio too.

Slugs can wreak havoc with your flower beds. There are plenty of environmentally friendly ways of deterring pesticides.  For example, adding crushed eggshells over your soil will deter slugs.

3. Plant summer flowering plants and bulbs 
Your garden always looks more impressive with a splash of colour, so ensure you are planting your plants now for them to be in full bloom for the summer.

Iris, Dahlias, Begonias, Lilies, Polianthes are all great options.

4. Tidy your patio area
Remove any rubbish and power wash your patio, you will be amazed at the results!

5. Feed the birds
Pop to the garden centre and pick up your bird feed. Feeding birds in the spring and summer may help them to raise their chicks more successfully

6. Treat your garden furniture
If you’ve packed away your garden furniture now’s the time to dust it off. It may need treating before those summer parties.

Here’s to those summer months and spending more time enjoying your gardens!