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Kay, has worked for our Benfleet office since it opened 8 years ago, she celebrated her 60th Birthday last week so we thought it was the perfect time to shine the spotlight and share with you a little bit more about our superstar secretary...
What do you love about working in the property business?
I guess being nosey - seeing other people’s houses!
It’s just nice to have a great team around us. It’s not about loving the business; it’s about loving where you work.

Funniest moment at work?

We do have a LOT of laughs in the office, but the one that stands out for me is when a member of the team (I won’t mention any names!), couldn’t recall the word greyhound, so described it as a ‘horse dog’. It had us all in hysterics. I think it’s important to have these light-hearted moments and helps bonds us as a team.

Top tip for someone joining the estate agency business?
Listen, learn and be proactive. Be open, be friendly.

What do you like most about working with the Benfleet team?

It’s the camaraderie. We are like family here and we all look after each other.

Do your friends and family ask for advice about property and valuing your home?
Sometimes, but I am just a secretary (note to Kay from all her colleagues and managers…”she is more than ‘just a secretary’”). Seriously though, my advice is to get the team out. They’ll give you their honest opinion on what they think your property is worth.

If you could live anywhere in the UK, where would it be?

Both myself and my husband love North Yorkshire - the open air and scenery.

Tell us a bit about Kev, your husband. How did you meet?

 Kev and I met through a mutual friend’s Facebook 12 years ago and married 2 years later. We’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year.

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

Football, I’ve been a Southend Utd Supporter for 50 years and I run the Junior Blues on behalf of Southend Utd. I’m a season ticket holder and it’s a big part of my life.

Who’s your favourite player?
I don’t really have a single favourite player. Although Freddy Eastwood is the player I always think of most highly and who had such an impact. That goal against Manchester United!! I’ve always got on very well with the team and have met quite a lot of them through the work I do with the Junior Blues, and they’ve always been really supportive of the younger supporters.

You can find out more about any of our team members by clicking here . Feel free to contact them directly to discuss your next property move.