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We have a very special guest for our Meet the Team today. We’re having a chat with Santa’s Elf on the Shelf today ahead of our Elf on the Shelf Competition on both Facebook and Instagram. (Have you seen all the Elf on the Shelf antics on our Stories?!)

Welcome to the Williams and Donovan office - I see you've tucked straight into our tub of celebrations already, do help yourself ;)

Tell us a few things about a day in the life of an Elf.

What are your day to day Elf responsibilities?
I have to watch all the children every night and report back to Santa in the North Pole about whether they were naughty or nice.

You obviously work for Santa, is he a good employer to work for?
364 days of the year Santa is fantastic to work for, but understandably, he gets a bit stressed on Christmas Eve.

If you could do any other job besides this, what would it be?
I was going to become a nurse but this year has really put me off so I will be an elf-defence trainer.

What would be your dream home?
An Igloo or in the South Pole, somewhere warm.

How are the reindeers, do they get on?
We try to keep them away from each other as Rudolph and his friends tend to get into scraps with each other. They have no elf-respect or elf-esteem.

Favourite food and drink?
As we're Elves, we tend to love sweet things like a candy cane or celebrations. Also quite into the Elf Nog. Oh and also Elfabet soup.

What's your favourite music?
Christmas Wrap or Elfis. 

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done?
I hid the keys to Santa’s house when someone was about to do a viewing there once.

Any other skillsets at work?
I’m the Elf and Safety volunteer for all the elves and also teach children the elfabet

What do you and the Elves do to keep fit?
I’m generally pretty elfy. I do a lot of hiding and hanging around, arm lifts and naughty stuff so I get to do a lot of workouts.

Have you had much luck in property?
My mate put his Gingerbread House on the market once with Williams and sold and he ended up very w-elfy.

What are the biggest perks of your job?
Loads! Firstly, every day feels like Christmas and I get through a lot of chocolates and sweets that are left out for me…food coma! Seriously though, my purpose in life is to help kids be better, behave better and feel good at Christmas - everyone's a winner.

Have you got an elf fashion style?
I like to mix it up a bit, different green tights now and then, different boots, sometimes a baseball cap. It’s snow joke.

Do you ever get a hug?
Kids aren’t allowed to touch elves, so no hugs there, but if I’ve done a good job for Santa, he’ll give me a big warm snuggly hug when I’m reporting back on the children's behaviour. Everyone needs a good hug, whether it's Christmas or not.

Would you consider going backpacking one day?
Ooh, I’d love that. For now, I do so much travelling in December; going back and forth to the North Pole every night to discuss all the children’s antics with Santa. Never say never! But I'd like to go to Elf-frica one day.

Do you like property?
Absolutely, I get to fly across the rooftops and check out people’s amazing decorations and how they style their houses when I hide in their kitchens and rooms. I’m living my best life.

Favourite Christmas movie?

Thanks, Elf it’s been an absolute pleasure chatting with you. Great elf-fort and stay elfy this Christmas!

Would you like to enter our Elf on the Shelf Christmas Instagram Competition to win a voucher? Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page, follow us, go to the competition post, like it and comment on the post by guessing how many properties Williams and Donovan have sold this year across both offices. Good luck from all of us at W&D and of course, the main star of the show - the Elf.